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How to Create an Online Shopping Website | 6 steps Guide

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How to create an online shopping website Step by step Guide

If you want to create online shop you will need to have your attention to this article and also if you find it easy to understand please share it back to your friends and families. Read about, Best Online store builder if you know the basics. or get the online store creator for a free experience. For an Affordable Option and Free Domain Read Affordable eCommerce Hosting

You probably noticed that starting an online store business isn’t that easy; so you have to take some serious tests and diagnosis before starting . please read these steps carefully and do your best to find a good eCommerce solutions for your Business.   So You are ready to know how to create an online shopping website! Create Online Shop Following These Steps:

  1. Get a Domain name for your shop you can find it easily. The Domain name or name of your website has to be easy to understand if you couldn’t find that in the domain search try to have a look on their premium Domain names.Domain name : how to create an online shopping website
  2. Research on Platform You Want to Use.For creating an online store you need to have a software or shopping cart platform That is vital for your business. you can find lots of them in the market for free or trials. see eCommerce Software Reviews for more details.
    At the end of this article you can find some of these services that you can try for free without credit card or payment requiremente-commerce platforms for how to create an online shopping website .
  3. Be Serious about the features of Your shopping cart service provider The features provided by an online shop solution is important for your online business because it needs to satisfy you and your customers. It is important for you to get a shopping cart platform that support or have at least these features.”
    • Easy to Use and Easy to Setup
    • SEO Friendly Features, like meta tag generator and etc
    • Easy to Design Shopping Cart
    • Product Picture Management and Editing
    • Customer Management and Contact Back
    • Best Payment and Shipment Support
    • Good Security, it is important to be PCI, PA-DSS Certified
    • Currency and Language Support
    • Marketing and Promotion Tools
    • Syndicating with Other Shops like eBay, Amazon and etc
    • Social Media Support
    • Integration with Affiliate systems *If you Need

    Features of online shopping website 2

    how to create an online shopping website

  4. Create a Unique Logo For Your Business.your logo is your brand so be careful about it when you sell your products synced in other shops like eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla and etc you can attract more customers to your store with your logo Shopping cart logo
  5. Design Your Store FrontDon’t use complicated design for your store front like: lots of products in front page of your shop and other confusing matters; let your customers find what they are looking for, in categories.”Shopping cart storefront
  6. Add products and promote your websitetry to add most of your products at first step then promote your page so people that visits your site will become your standing customers.
  7. Get hosting for your blog ” if you want to gain reputation you should have a blog with your online store. there are lots of hosting companies that will let you create a blog easily with just few dollars, for example you can get hosting from iPage.com with just $1+/month, They will also give you a free domain and free google adwords credit, also they got another amazing feature that you can install some of free and premium shopping carts in the same hosting.”
    It is important to start your blog before online store so don’t hesitate and start it today. you can compare hosting providers here in this article about affordable web hosting services.
Did you find this article helpful about “how to create an online shopping website” then have a look at:

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If you have Less investment Try to Read This Article  “Affordable eCommerce Hosting With Free Domain”

 you may want to see Wikipedia for more information about shopping carts
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  • umesh arora

    i want develope on line shopping web site in india.what is your mobile no in india office.

    • http://www.yummyinternet.com AUS Admin

      Mr. Arora I am not in india but I can help you in this situation,.

      see your e-mail inbox

  • Manfred

    AUS Admin :- I need your help, I just start a small business and I have tried to put it online in 4 different Free websites but it’s falling, Can you help me out? I want to build a small electronics website store online and use Paypal as payment method. I live in Australia, Sydney.

    • asadsaffa

      Manfred Most of free websites are just for advertising, and they don’t have any support because of huge traffic and lack of personnel.

      If you want to start an online shop try to pay something in order to get some.
      an easy way to start an online business is self hosted shopping cart platforms that you can get one here, as I mentioned in this post, It comes up with a free trial and it is really easy to use. also it handles all the SEO and advertising as it sync products to popular online shops like Amazon, eBay, Shopzilla and etc as well as your own website.

      Try it for free and then decide whether you want it or not.

  • Sidhant Shetty

    ho to create an online website in oman

    • asadsaffa

      There is no difference in where you live, chose a shopping cart system and start your eCommerce website they will handle everything else. you can find one here http://yummyinternet.com/go/pinnaclecart/freerht

    • alex

      Hi sidhant. Did you create an online store?

  • saraswathi

    nice shopping cart

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  • alex

    Hey everybody! I’m working in internet and I’m helping people start bisiness online. I can create online stores and save a lot of money

  • ashique

    please tell how to create an online store?my email id isolives484548@yahoo.com

  • rock

    how much money i need to strart online business?

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